Dark Knight

Starter Quest

Blade of Darkness

Quest works as per retail; however, players can defeat mobs using anything except a weaponskill. This includes using magic to get their kill counts with the Chaosbringer. The easiest way to complete the task? Use Black Mage as your subjob and go AOE your 100 monsters!


Diabolic Eye

  • Diabolic Eye requires Dark Knight main job.
  • Diabolic Eye’s base melee accuracy bonus has been increased from 20 o 50.

Nether Void

Increases the dark knight’s dark magic accuracy and dark magic attack for their spells by 50%. This is not limited to absorb spells as per retail.

  • This increase is augmented by Bale Flanchard and Heathen’s Flanchard up to 85%, as per retail.

Scarlet Delirium

Increase the attack and magic attack based on the player’s intelligence. This crazed state reduces the player’s accuracy by 20.

  • Attack Bonus & Magic Attack Bonus: (INT / 15), hard cap of +75

Consume Mana

Consume Mana converts the DRK’s MP directly into damage for their next attack.

This skill has been updated to provide a 100% MP to damage conversion, instead of a 10%.

Non-working Abilities / Traits

Not all of the abilities in the private server code are wired up and work. The following abilities are known to not work:

  • Soul Enslavement