Update Notes

Nocturnal Souls is constantly in flux with new features and content. We aim to roll out new features and functionality once a week; however, scripts and new content can be rolled out as often as it’s created without downtime. Thanks to our testing and development team for all their hard work!

Here’s the latest changes and enhancements:

January 2019

14 January

Happy New Year, NocSouls! This is our first major update of the new year and there’s a lot here!

Version Update - January 2019

The servers have been updated to the latest client version–30181222_1– for 10 January 2019. Please update your clients as soon as possible.

Renamer Update

With the new Heroics system, our server renamer file has been updated.

Click here to download the latest name listing.

Heroics System

Heroics is a custom content system allowing players to grow their characters further as new challenges are added to the game. Heroics brings the Adoulin coalitions into the game providing players up to 5 unique task methods to further enhance their character.

Players can unlock and complete tasks from all five coalitions every 6 hours with a variety of tasks–hunting HNMs, mog gardening, chocobo digging, farming items, hunting down or crafting rare items, and more–in exchange for infamy.

  • Increasing Heroic Rank grants players access to new shops, currency conversions, zones, mounts, and higher levels of empowerments.
  • Heroic empowerments (defensive, magic-focused, melee/ranged-focused) allow players to grow their characters to meet the level 140+ challenges based on the type of empowerment that fits their playstyle. Players can change their empowerment focus at any time for a small infamy and gil charge.
  • New zones are available to players who open access to them, including revitalized Escha zones, Reisenjima, and Reisenjima Sanctorium.

At this time, the Heroics system is “in beta”–it’s tested and solid, but edge cases may exist as there’s a LOT of moving parts. Rank 6 and higher content (the new zones) will be added in a future update. There’s still a great deal of content to add, and it’ll be coming piece by piece each week. The starter and growth mechanisms are in-place, so it made sense to open that up to players and let everyone start working on missions.

To get started, visit Zezarn in Western Adoulin.

Click here to view the full walkthrough of the Heroics System.

!craft Shop Updates

The following items have been removed from the !craft merchants as they are now available in the game via normal means. This makes space in the shops for other items to be added as necessary as we edge towards raising the crafitng level to 110.

As you farm these items, don’t forget to take those stacks and throw them up on the auction house for other players if you don’t need them–the auction house can hold nearly infinite amounts of items per player (as long as you don’t view your sales history).

  • Midrium ore: via mog gardening (mining) and chocobo digging
  • Luminium ore: via HELM mining, chocobo digging, and mog gardening (mining)
  • Hepatizon ore: via mog gardening (mining)
  • Gold ore: via monsters, HELM mining, chocobo digging, mog gardening (mining)
  • Fire ore: via chocobo digging and mog gardening (mining)
  • Palladian brass ore: via monsters and mog gardening (mining)
  • Twitherym wing: via monsters, chocobo digging, and mog gardening (harvesting)
  • Khimaira horn: via monsters and mog gardening (mining)
  • Ulbuconut: via mog gardening (logging)
  • Urunday log: via monsters and mog gardening (logging)
  • Jacaranda log: via monsters, HELM logging, and mog gardening (logging)
  • Lancewood log: via chocobo digging and mog gardening (logging)
  • Raaz hide: via monsters and chocobo digging
  • Chapuli wing: via monsters
  • Tulfaire feather: via monsters and chocobo digging

We’ll be evaluating other common !craft merchant items and if it makes sense to add those to mob drops, chocobo digging, or mog gardening over the coming weeks to make it more natural for how players acquire crafting materials.


  • Update: Synergy now has success/failure animations during crafting.
  • Update: With the addition of Heroics, Escha-Zi’Tah and Escha-Ru’Aun have been sealed to players under Heroics Rank 6.
  • Update: With the closure of Escha-Zi’Tah, some chocobo digging items normally found in this zone have shifted to Al’Taieu. The rarer items (and more) will remain in Escha-Zi’Tah and be open to players once they reach the appropriate Heroic Rank.
  • Fix: The bomb mount has been re-added for players who are rank 10 with Windurst.
  • Fix: Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk’s (nation rank NM) level and health pools have been updated to properly reflect a level 71 monster.
  • Fix: An issue with quick magic has been fixed that could cause the recast timer of the spell to be DOUBLE rather than nothing when quick magic procs.
  • Fix: A few goblin butchers in Meriphataud Mountains that had 400,000 HP have been fixed.

DSP Core Updates

  • Modifiers for the Blue Magic spells have been updated:
    • Demoralizing Roar: +2 STR -> -2 STR
    • Infrasonics: +1 MND -> -1 MND
    • Frost Breath: +1 INT -> -2 INT
  • Several guild shop prices and resale prices have been fixed to prevent gil farming.
  • Fix usable jobs for wooden arrow and crossbow bolts.
  • Update numerous usable items and fireworks to be functional (yay, fireworks!)
  • Update and/or add numerous family-based “vs. arcana, vs. plantoids, etc.” type latents for weapons.
  • Add “stun” additional effect to Stun Claws/+1.
  • Approx. 25 new NMs have been added with their unique drops and numerous NMs have gained new abilities that were previously missing.
  • New desynthesis recipes have been added.
  • Weaponskills, monster abilities, avatar abilities, and some spells have been revamped to properly account for various adjustments:
    • Many skills now account for magical vs. physical damage and include the proper elemental type.
    • Corsair “shots” now properly reflect their elemental damage types and resists.
    • Avatar “spells” are now actually of that element, not simply “magic”, and weaponskill rages have their correct damage types.
    • Skills now account for stoneskin, white mage wards, and resists.
    • Skills now account for damage variants between impact, slashing, piercing, crushing weapons.
  • Automaton attachment “Drum Magazine” now has the proper mods.
  • Several previously unworking fireworks, like Mog Missles, now work.
  • Several food items now give their proper “player is full” when trying to consume when already under a food’s effect.

Previous Updates

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