Relic Armor

Relic armor, originally from Dynamis, is the second set of job specific armor you’ll receive on your journey to level 99. You’ll gain access to this gear via Trystol, the Relic Vendor, at level 75. On this server, the base relic step is skipped, beginning with Relic +1 from the start. Also, unlike Artifact gear, Relic gear has a step available at level 90 as well.

Vainrachault in Western Adoulin will assist you with converting your base artifact gear to more advanced stages once you have unlocked his services. Once you reach Reforged Relic +1, further steps are handled by Aurix in Ru’Lude Gardens and the Dynamis Divergence questlines.

Be aware that the augments on your base relic armor will not be transferred to your upgraded version from base to +1, +2, or +3. You’ll need to reaugment your items accordingly.

Level 75

At level 75, your relic +1 gearset becomes available via the Relic Vendor for gil.

Level 90

At level 90, you can upgrade and equip relic +1 armor set to a relic +2 armor set via tier I upgrades.

Once you’ve unlocked tier I upgrades with Vainrachault, you can trade each piece of relic +1 armor plus 20 alexandrite per piece to receive your relic +2 armor piece.

Level 99

At level 99, there are three phases of “upgrades” for relic armor. Unfortunately, at this time, we only support the first tier; however, we hope to support all three tiers very soon.

Reforging your armor, Phase 1

Once you’ve reached level 99, you can reforge your relic +2 into it’s “reforged” relic +1 version. This requires tier II armor upgrades unlocked with Vainrachault and costs 30 alexandrite per piece to upgrade.

Reforging your armor, Phase 2 and the final upgrade

Once you’ve reached Reforged Relic +1, players can venture into Dynamis Divergence to collect voidshards, void patters, and materials to upgrade their gear to Reforged +2 and +3.

These upgrades are also handled via Aurix in Ru’Lude Gardens (the unlock NPC for Dynamis Divergence) and requires players to have completed Dynamis - San d’Oria [D] at least once and gained the titles to perform the full upgrades.

Reforged Relic +1 => +2

Upgrading Reforged Relic armor requires footshard and void patterns specific to the armor slot (foot, torso, etc.) and job of the gear. In addition, players will need to collect various materials dropped in zone and via the crafting guilds (guild membership is not required to purchase the items) to complete the upgrade process. Players will unlock creating their necklaces after defeating the Halphas in Dynamis - San d’Oria [D].

All slots share the following common requirements:

  • 5x shards (ex. footshard:RDM for red mage boots)
  • 1x void pattern (ex: voidfoot:RDM for red mage boots)
  • 1x khoma thread
  • 25x rusted identificaton cards

With that, an example upgrade trade for a pair of red mage boots could be:

vitiation boots +1 => vitiation boots +2

  • vitiation boots +1
  • 5x footshard:RDM
  • 1x voidfoot:RDM
  • 1x khoma thread
  • 25x rusted identificaton cards

Reforged Relic +2 => +3

The final upgrade requires additional items from Dynamis Divergence, including rare items dropped from the final zone bosses and the Disjointed in the zones. Players will unlock creating their necklaces after defeating the Disjointed Elvaan in Dynamis - San d’Oria [D].

All slots share the following common requirements:

  • 5x shards (ex. torsoshard:WAR for warrior chestpiece)
  • 4x void patterns (ex: voidtorso:WAR for warrior chestpiece)
  • 25x black identificaton cards
  • 1x demon medal

In addition, each slot has a unique material that drops in each zone to upgrade the item.

HeadWindurstPlovid Effulvium
ChestAllHades Claw
GlovesBastokMacuil Plating
LegsJeunoDefiant Sweat
BootsSan d’OriaPlovid Flesh

With that, an example upgrade trade for a pair of red mage boots could be:

vitiation boots +2 => vitiation boots +3

  • vitiation boots +2
  • 5x footshard:RDM
  • 4x voidfoot:RDM
  • 1x demon medal
  • 25x black identificaton cards
  • 1x plovid flesh

Creating Your JSE Relic Neck Pieces

Through Dynamis Divergence, players can create and upgrade high-powered neck pieces through trades with Aurix in Ru’Lude Gardens. Players will unlock creating their necklaces after defeating the Disjointed Elvaan in Dynamis - San d’Oria [D].

There are three phases to each necklace: NQ, HQ+1, and HQ+2.

BONUS: When upgrading necklaces to HQ+2, the items come pre-augmented with unique augments not normally available to players. Players can overwrite the augments, but there is no way to restore them without building a new neckpiece.

Creating the NQ Necklace

Each zone drops a unique “base” necklace that is job specific.

In total, creating the base non-quality necklace requires the following materials:

  • 1x moldy base piece
  • 1x dark matter
  • 1x light sphere
  • 1x relic adaman
  • 1x ratnaraj
  • 1x crystal (light, dark, lighting, etc.)

Players can acquire the base items in the following zones:

  • Moldy Necklace and Gorget in Bastok
  • Moldy Nodawa and Stole in San d’Oria
  • Moldy Torque and Collar in Windurst
  • Moldy Charm in Jeuno

Upgrading to the HQ+1 Necklace

Upgrading to the HQ+1 necklace requires just a few additional items. As with the other relic pieces, Aurix in Ru’Lude Gardens will assist with this upgrade.

  • 1x NQ neckpiece (ex: Monk’s Nodowa)
  • 1x moldy base piece (ex: Moldy Nodowa)
  • 1x relic adaman
  • 10x black identificaton Cards

This results in upgrading the NQ neck piece to the HQ+1 neck piece.

Upgrading to the HQ+2 Necklace

Upgrading to the final version of the neck piece (HQ+2) requires additional wins with the Dynamis Divergence zone bosses.

  • 1x HQ+1 neck piece (ex: Monk’s Nodowa +1)
  • 1x moldy base piece (ex: Moldy Nodowa)
  • 2x relic adaman
  • 10x demon medals

This provides the final version of the relic, job-specific neck piece and includes both the enhanced HQ+2 stats as well as custom augments for each job.

These augments are unique to each necklace and contain many stats not available through the normal augment system. You can override the augments; however, you must throw away and rebuild a new necklace if they want to get the augments back.

JobHQ+2 Auguments
HP +128
Magic damage taken -5%
“Kick Attacks” +25
“Subtle Blow” +15
Enmity -25
Refresh +25
“Resist Silence” +20
Magic crit hit damage +10%
Magic brust damage +5%
Enhancing Magic Duration +25%
Enfeebling Magic Duration +25%
Magic Evasion +25
Triple attack +8%
Enmity +30
Damage Taken -10%
“Store TP” +12
Weapon skill damage +10%
Enspell Damage +15
All Songs +2
“Store TP” +10
Critical hit damage +5%
Weapon skill damage +5%
“Store TP” +10
Weapon skill damage +10%
Occ. quickens spellcasting +5%
Ninjutsu skill +15
Pet: Damage Taken -15%
Pet: Magic Accuracy/Magic Attack Bonus +10
“Blood Pact” damage +8
Pet: Regen +25
Critical hit damage +5%
TP Bonus +250
Magic Accuracy/Magic Damage +25
Skillchain Damage +5%
Pet: TP Bonus +200
Pet: Magic Attack Bonus +15
“Store TP” +10
Critical hit damage +10%
Magic Damage +25
Magic crit hit rate +10

The “Relic Path”

For example, using Red Mages, here’s a full walk of the upgrade process for the relic boots.

Level 75

  • Acquired via the Relic NPC => Duelist’s Boots +1

Level 90

  • Duelist’s Boots +1 + 20 Alexandrite => Duelist’s Boots +2 (tier 1)
    • Alexandrite are acquired through daily hunts while leveling up.

Level 99

  • Duelist’s Boots +2 + 30 Alexandrite => Vitiation Boots +1 (tier 2)
  • Vitiation Boots +1 + 5 Footshard:RDM + 1 Voidfoot:RDM + Khoma Thread + 25 Rusted identificaton cards => Vitiation Boots +2
  • Vitiation Boots +2 + 5 Footshard:RDM + 4 Voidfoot: RDM + Plovid Flesh + 25 Black identificaton cards + Demon Medal => Vitiation Boots +3

Over the course of a full upgrade from the level 75 relic +1 set to a reforged i119 +3 set costs (not including gil):

  • 250 alexandrite
  • 10 {slot} shards:JOB
  • 5 {slot} void patterns
  • 5 khoma thread
  • 1 of each divergence crafting material (e.g. plovid flesh, hades claw)
  • 125 Rusted identificaton cards
  • 125 Black identificaton cards
  • 5 Demon Medals