Artifact Armor

Artifact armor, originally through a series of questlines and missions, is the first set of job specific armor you’ll receive on your journey to level 99. Most players will acquire their first pre-augmented set through the Adventure Quest storyline and purchase subsequent pieces from the Adventure Coffer next to Trystol in Western Adoulin.

Once players reach level 99, the base artifact (AF1) gear can be reforged into level 99 versions. Vainrachault in Western Adoulin will assist you with converting your base artifact gear to more advanced stages once you have unlocked his services.

Upgrade Recipes

To upgrade your base AF1 to the first level 99 tier, i119 +1, you’ll need to unlock the corresponding tier of upgrades with Vainrachault. Players who complete the Adventure Quest storyline will unlock tier 1 as part of the level 99 quest.

Starter Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Lv60 Reforged AF1+1

30x Alexandrite
20x Tanzanite Jewels
Reforged AF1+2

20x Beastmen’s Medals
10x Rem’s Tale Ch. 1
5x Flameshun Cloth
1x Niobium Ore
Reforged AF1+3

20x Kindred’s Medals
10x Rem’s Tale Ch. 2
5x Corduroy Cloth
1x Wolfram Steel Ingot
1x Niobium Ore
  • Players can acquire Alexandrite and Tanzanite Jewels from daily hunts and daily BCNMs.
  • Players can acquire Beastmen’s Medals, Kindred’s Medals, Rem’s Tales, and Flameshun and Corduroy Cloth from Reisenjima Henge.
  • Players can acquire Wolfram Steel Ingots from the level 99 “post-AQ” battlefield.
  • Players can acquire Niobium Ore from crafting guilds and a very rare chance in Reisenjima Henge encounters.

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